2013 Network Awards

New Mexico, North Carolina and Oregon took home NatureServe’s 2013 Network Awards, given out at the Biodiversity Without Boundaries Conference in Baltimore in recognition of:


Conservation Impact - Natural Heritage New Mexico

NHNM earned recognition for its leadership within the region—particularly their role on the Western Wildlife Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool—and the example they’ve set in establishing effective cost-sharing agreements with state and federal agencies.  

Scientific and Technical Advancement - North Carolina Natural Heritage Program

Between 2011 and 2012, NCNHP revised its process for ranking sites of biological significance and prioritized more than 2,500 Significant Natural Heritage Areas (SNHAs) that statewide field investigations had previously identified. The revised system is a new application of NatureServe’s natural heritage methodology, which network members can replicate and extend at scales from the globe to the county.

Network Collaboration - Oregon Biodiversity Information Center

ORBIC remains a steady source of energy and leadership in engaging network members to develop innovative conservation data and information, but this award recognizes four diverse collaborations they initiated or led—including the NatureServe Network Modeling Centers effort highlighted above.