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noun: the biological diversity in an environment as indicated by the number of different species of plants and animals.

Human Society Benefits from a Diverse and Resilient Natural World

American Pika (Ochotona princeps) | Photo by Larry MasterNatureServe is a non-profit organization that provides high-quality scientific expertise for conservation. Our dynamic and impactful data, tools, and resources help guide conservation action where it’s needed most. We envision a world where decision-makers fully understand the importance of science in identifying and protecting our precious animals, plants, and ecosystems.

Each day, we are guided by a set of questions:

What exists? Where are they found? How are they doing? What actions will help? Are the actions working?

Mission: To provide the scientific basis for effective conservation action

We are NatureServe

David Richert from the Virginia Division of Natural Heritage Program identifies sensitive habitats in Southwest Virginia  | Photo by Irvine WilsonThe NatureServe network includes many faces, names, and expertise from the United States, Canada, and Latin America. More than 1,000 conservation professionals work to ensure that relevant and reliable science is driving important conservation action.

When we look out our windows, stand in our yards, hike our mountains, we have a front row seat to our precious natural heritage. We believe the beauty of natural life that exists all around us must be discovered, documented, protected, and saved. 

This infographic highlights the work we do and the impact we make.

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