Our Strategies and Goals

To conduct activities across a public-private network of more than 80 independent organizations spanning from the Northwest Territories to Paraguay, we need our actions and approaches to be deliberate and coordinated. Learn more about how we pursue our collaborative activities within and across the network.

2012 – 2016 Goals

  1. Biodiversity conservation is guided by increasingly high-quality and up-to-date scientific knowledge.
  2. Network effectiveness for building biodiversity knowledge is enhanced.
  3. NatureServe analyses and syntheses inform key societal challenges.
  4. Clients use NatureServe data, tools, and expertise to address their specific needs.

Strategic Plan

NatureServe's strategic plan assesses the status of our network, the context in which we operate, and the driving forces that will shape how we achieve the greatest impact from 2012 through 2016.

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 Spanish version of strategic plan

Coastal and Marine Strategy

Working with partners, the NatureServe network is uniquely positioned to contribute our expertise in biodiversity and conservation science and help bring together the methods, tools, and scientific data needed to respond to disasters, understand and abate threats, restore ecosystems, and rebuild resilient coastlines.

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Spanish version of Coastal and Marine Strategy

Citizen Science Strategy

The result of a wide-ranging consultation of our network and our partners, NatureServe's Citizen Science Strategy outlines how we as a network intend to tap the human passion for exploration and discovery to further illuminate our understanding of the natural world.

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