Testimonials & Accomplishments

Staff from the Virginia Natural Heritage Program test an ArcGIS Collector app at Difficlult Creek Natural Area Preserve in Halifax County, VA | Photo by Irvine Wilson

What's Being Said About Us


For more than 40 years, leading conservationists and decision-makers have turned to the NatureServe Network as the most reliable source for biodiversity data and expertise.


“NatureServe is rightfully recognized as the premier source for scientific data and information for the U.S. conservation community. Their resources and leadership is essential for the community.”

Jeffrey Marqusee, former executive director, U.S. Department of Defense Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program

“NatureServe is critical for protecting the diversity of life on earth.”

David VanLuven, principal, VanLuven Environmental

"NatureServe is one of the greatest non-profits that I have worked with. They provide essential data, data management, organized thinking and useful tools for conservation.”

Stephen Woodley, co-chair, IUCN Joint Task Foce on Biodiversity and Protected Areas

"The network's database on species and ecosystems is widely viewed as the most complete and detailed in the nation, and is the country's leading source of biological information for conservation planners, government agencies and land managers."

William K. Stevens, The New York Times

"I hope others will join in helping to make NatureServe a growing and strong organization, because of the extremely important services that it offers—not just to nature served by our conservation effort, but because of how nature serves humanity."

E.O. Wilson

"We—the British Columbia Conservation Data Centre, NatureServe Canada, and the entire NatureServe Network—get a lot of respect from our “just the facts” standpoint; here’s the information we think you need to make a decision, and if there are other things you need, let us know. We’re not going to tell you what that decision needs to be, but here are the values you need to be aware of."

Eric LofrothBritish Columbia Conservation Data Centre


Some of our Accomplishments

  • NatureServe ecologists lead efforts to develop internationally standardized classifications for terrestrial ecosystems and vegetation. Produced the first standardized maps of ecosystems in the Americas.
  • Documented more than 1 million mapped locations for at-risk species.
  • More than three quarters of conservation assessments in the United States start with data from NatureServe.
  • Provide data and expertise to millions of users by fulfilling more than 6 million individual information requests annually.
  • Put critical information in the hands of resource managers and decision-makers with tools like NatureServe Vista, NatureServe Surveyor, and LandScope America.
  • Developing sound methodologies for ecological assessments, including the likely impacts of climate change on species, ecosystems, and places like wildlife refuges and parks.
  • Offering data-system services that make biodiversity conservation more efficient from federal agencies to local communities in the U.S., Canada, and Central and South America.
  • Establishing our annual Biodiversity Without Boundaries conference as a marquee event for our member network, natural resource practitioners, and scientific colleagues.

Awards and Recognition