Land-Use Planning and Development

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Conservation succeeds when it is properly integrated with land use and development plans. NatureServe supports conservation-compatible land use and development with data, sound scientific approaches, tools, and planning services.

Sunrise over a windfarm in Uinta County, Wyoming. Photo by Daniel Hoherd.

Land use and development planning accommodate human needs such as urban and agriculture uses, energy development, and all forms of infrastructure, including transportation, pipelines, and transmission corridors. Conservation is also a land use which provides “green infrastructure” that serves many human needs including ecosystem services. NatureServe works with land use and development planners and regulators to support their work to reduce conflicts between conservation needs and development objectives. Applying best available data, ecological modeling, conservation science, and advanced decision support tools, we seek to maximize both development and conservation objectives. Our work spans scales from ecoregional assessments in support of landscape scale resource management planning to local government planning for land use and transportation. Products range from workshops and technical guides to complete assessment and planning services.


  1. Integrated Ecological Framework

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