NatureServe compiles and maintains extensive data on the animals of the United States, Canada, and the entire Western Hemisphere. These data focus on the taxonomy, natural history, distribution, and conservation status of vertebrates and selected invertebrates.

A brown-throated sloth (Bradypus variegatus) in Panama. Photo by Brian Gratwicke.

Our NatureServe Explorer website provides extensive additional information from our central databases that are searchable by species name, taxonomic group, distribution, and conservation status. This includes information for all vertebrate species native to the United States and Canada (except marine fishes), and for the best-known groups of invertebrates.  State and province-specific data are compiled by our network of member programs.

  1. Field Inventory and Assessment

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  2. A Community Planning Collaborative in Orange County, Florida

  3. Building Local Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation Planning

  4. Supporting Assessment of Management Alternatives for Greater Sage-Grouse

  5. Analysis of Conservation and Economic Value of Forest Stands (Arkansas)

  6. Long-Range Transportation Planning in Pikes Peak