Listed and Imperiled Species by County and Watershed

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These maps and datasets provide both: 1) a national-level overview of the distribution and density of federally listed or imperiled plant and animal species by county and watershed; and, 2) access to which species are at-risk in each county and watershed.


Based on the best available information on the known location of at-risk species populations, these nationally significant datasets can be used both as context for setting regional or national conservation priorities and as a starting point for learning more about conservation priorities in your own backyard.

Features & Benefits

These summarized county/watershed distribution datasets are based on our national species dataset of location records (element occurrences) from our network of biological inventories operating in all 50 states, and are refreshed regularly.  The watershed dataset also incorporates distribution of all native freshwater fish based on NatureServe’s fish range database for the contiguous U.S. 

Below are some additional features of the map viewer and downloadable formats of these data.

Interactive Map Viewers (available soon)
  • Browse data at the county/watershed level to see national and regional patterns.
  • Click counties or watersheds to see lists of at-risk species known to be present.
  • Species lists are linked to the NatureServe Explorer website and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s ECOS website for more detailed information
Downloadable Datasets (available on request for a flat fee of $500)
  • Convenient access to all the county/watershed distribution data for at-risk species available through NatureServe.
  • Provided as shapefile of county/watershed boundaries that includes total counts of species, with accompanying list of species by county/watershed in Excel format.
Embedding the Map Viewers as Widgets in Your Website (free - contact us for the widget zip file & instructions!)

Both the county and watershed map viewers are available as ‘widgets’ which can be embedded in your own pages.