Resilience Project Information Form

This form will allow you to submit a resilience project for consideration under the NFWF Coastal Resilience Assessments project. It is understood that projects will be in different stages so most fields will not force you to fill them out. However, incomplete submissions may limit our ability to evaluate and review them so please fill out the form as completely as possible.

If you haven't already, please upload files containing project boundary, plans, and other supporting documentation to the Dropbox folder for your watershed. See below for links.

Narragansett Bay/Coastal RI –

Savannah River -

Charleston Harbor –

St. Johns River -

Mid-coast Maine -

Delaware Bay -

San Francisco Bay -

Basic Information
If you uploaded a zip file to the Dropbox folder containing shapefiles, plan documents, or documents supporting priority status please enter the name of the zip file here.
Date you uploaded the zip to Dropbox, if applicable.
The filename of the GIS boundary included in the uploaded zip or if you do not have a GIS boundary you may submit the coordinates (e.g., 37.709620, -122.490474) of the project. To get coordinates in Google maps click on a point and copy from the information window.
Project Information
What type of resilience activities does your project implement? Select all that apply.
Please fill out project type if yours does not appear in the above list.
Is the project located on public or private land?
Organizations that will be playing an active role in the implementation of this project.
One Paragraph
What is the total project cost?
What is the cost needed for completion?
What is the current status of the project?
Socio-Economic Outcomes
What threats is your project intended to help address?
Which of the following outcomes are most likely to result from your project’s activities? Select up to 5 of the top outcomes.
Describe what this project will achieve and its socio-economic benefits.
Ecological Outcomes
What threats is your project intended to help address?
Ecological Metrics
What is your project designed to implement or achieve?
List species that may benefit from this project. State or Federal threatened, endangered, vulnerable, or at-risk species are of particular interest.
Describe what this project will achieve and its ecological benefits.