Larry E. Morse Botany Fellowship

The Larry E. Morse Botany Fellowship was established in 2012 to honor Larry E. Morse and his long-standing commitment to plant conservation and dedication to mentoring botanists at all ages and career stages.

Photo by Alan T. Whittemore.

NatureServe is pleased to offer an annual Botany Fellowship, supported by the Larry E. Morse Visiting Botanist Fund.  This program is open to network members, from young botanists just starting their careers to network alumni who have retired or moved on to other ventures. Through this program, Fellows employ their knowledge and expertise on behalf of plant conservation by focusing on conservation assessments or taxonomic reviews of high-priority plants.

Qualified applicants will be familiar with NatureServe's species conservation assessment methodology botanical taxonomy and nomenclature, and the organization's conservation database, Biotics. The ideal candidate is a current or former Natural Heritage, NatureServe, or NatureServe Canada botanist or ecologist with expertise in a regional flora or taxonomic group. Applicants will be skilled at researching academic and gray literature and have extensive contacts in the botanical community. The Fellow will present a webinar on their research to NatureServe's network and partners.


The Botany Fellowship is awarded annually each fall. Check back in late summer for detailed information on how to apply.