Marion Reid - Senior Regional Ecologist

Marion Reid, Senior Regional Ecologist

Ms. Reid serves as the Senior Regional Ecologist at NatureServe’s Boulder, Colorado office. Since 2000, she has managed the Ecology program for NatureServe’s western United States office, supervising staff, developing proposals, and managing projects in addition to handling work as an ecologist on projects. Her geographic area of focus has been the western U.S. and Canada, including Alaska and Hawai’i. She is one of the co-authors of the International Vegetation Classification, the US National Vegetation Classification (USNVC,) and has also worked on the classification of terrestrial ecological systems for the U.S.  She ensures coordination within the western region and with other U.S. regions in the development of the USNVC, and was actively involved in the development of the current USNVC hierarchy and its concepts, as implemented for the western U.S and Canada. Currently, Ms. Reid serves on the USNVC Peer Review Board as a Regional Editor, and coordinates peer review of proposed revisions to the NVC for the cool semi-desert regions of the west. She is involved in a long-standing data management committee within NatureServe’s Science Division which establishes standards and methods for managing USNVC data within the Biotics data management system. 

With over 25 years of experience in the vegetation ecology field, Ms. Reid provides methodological and technical advice and support to Natural Heritage programs on related topics, and oversees the work of other full-time ecology staff located at the Boulder office. Recent and current work includes providing classification and vegetation ecology support to local and regional vegetation mapping projects, such as the NPS Vegetation Inventory Program, the National GAP Analysis Program, and the national inter-agency LANDFIRE effort.  She is currently the Project Manager for a 4-year effort to support the LANDFIRE team in new mapping of the U.S. of ecological systems and NVC Groups, and is contributing to the development of a Guidebook to the NVC for BLM. In addition, she is working with a NatureServe team to develop Habitat Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments for 50 major vegetation types found on BLM lands in the west, including providing ecology expertise and coordinating the development and delivery of geospatial, tabular, and reporting products to the BLM. Between 2010 and 2015, she managed and worked as an ecologist on 4 Rapid Ecoregional Assessments for the BLM.

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