Milo Pyne - Senior Regional Ecologist

Milo Pyne - Senior Regional EcologistMilo Pyne serves as NatureServe’s Senior Regional Ecologist at the Durham, North Carolina office. He is well-versed in the flora and vegetation of this region, and has worked with NatureServe, its member programs, and The Nature Conservancy for over 20 years on vegetation, Ecological Systems classification, and mapping issues in the southeastern United States. Milo’s geographic area of focus is the coastal plains, piedmont, and interior low plateaus of the southeastern United States. He was one of the co-authors of the U.S. National Vegetation Classification (USNVC,) and has also worked on the development and application of the terrestrial Ecological Systems classification for the U.S. and Caribbean since its development. Moreover, Milo has been actively involved in the development of the USNVC hierarchy and its concepts, including recent and ongoing revisions to the hierarchy. His duties comprise of providing methodological and technical advice and support to Natural Heritage programs, and collaborating with other staff in the Durham office.

In addition to field work, Milo has experience in data analysis, natural community and vegetation classification, as well as accuracy assessment and project management. His previous projects have involved National Park Service vegetation mapping inventory, quantitative sampling, and vegetation sampling at Region 8 National Forests. Also, his roles have involved vegetation classification and sampling at Department of Defense installations, vegetation sampling for NEON at the Disney Wilderness Preserve, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, and Jones Ecological Research Center. Milo’s field experience includes, but is not limited to, all ecoregions of the southeast, spanning from the Blue Ridge west to the Interior Low Plateaus, Ozarks, and Ouachitas, all the way to south to Florida, and throughout the coastal plains from North Carolina to Texas. Prior to joining NatureServe in 2000, he worked at The Nature Conservancy, and also served as the botanist for the Tennessee Natural Heritage Program from 1993 to 1996. Milo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Botany from North Carolina State University.


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