U.S Section Council

The U.S. Section Council is elected to represent the needs and interests of NatureServe network members from the United States.

The U.S. Section Council helps the network achieve its shared mission by:

  • Representing the network members in strategic, annual, and operational planning
  • Coordinating communications and maintaining connections between network members and NatureServe staff
  • Seeking and contributing to fundraising and business development
  • Nominating a representative to serve on the NatureServe Board of Directors

Current Section Council

Bob Gottfried, Chair
Nongame and Rare Species Program, Texas Wildlife Diversity Branch
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Southeast Representative

Donald Dott, Jr., Vice Chair
Kentucky Natural Heritage Program, Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission
Southeast Representative

Jennifer Newmark, Secretary
Nevada Natural Heritage Program, Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
West Representative

Dave Anderson
Colorado Natural Heritage Program, Colorado State University
West Representative

Karen Cieminski
Minnesota Natural Heritage & Nongame Research, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Midwest Representative   

DJ Evans
New York Natural Heritage Program
Northeast Representative

Ryan O’Connor
Indiana Natural Heritage Data Center, Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Midwest Representative   

Greg Podniesinski
Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Northeast Representative

Brian Klatt
Michigan Natural Features Inventory, Michigan State University Extension