Our Thanks

We extend our most sincere appreciation to all of our donors. 

  • Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Foundations and Nonprofits
  • Government Agencies


Special thanks to the following individuals and families for their generous support of our mission:

Deborah Albert
Dr. Benjamin Hammett 
Amber Pegler
Kenneth and Gail Albert
David Harrison
Michael Penskar
Michael Andrews
Cloyce Hedge
Robert Popp
Bonnie Heidel
Ann C. Price
Ted and Calvert Armbrecht
Ronald Hellmich
Christine Primi
Rachel Ascher
Geralyn M. Honey
Ron Pulliam
Madge Baker
Leslie Honey
Milo Pyne
Ralph Barba
Phil Hoose
Chuck and Yvonne Richards
Doug Barker
Sherry Huber
The Grace Jones Richardson Trust
Kristin Barker
Kate Ireland Foundation
Rob Riordan
Denny Beck
Anna Jeffrey
J. Douglas Ripley
Allen Belden
Robin Johnson
Eleanor and Rosario Rizzo
Robert O. Blake
James Kagan
Julia and Derrick Robinson
Christopher Boebel and Glenna Eaves
Andrew Kaiser
Crystal H. Rogers
Herman and Mary Breden
Edward Kfoury
Renee Rondeau and Gordon Rodda
Nancy, Carolyn, and Amy Breden
John K. Kirsch
John and Virginia Sall
Zachary Brown
Jacquelyn Kiszewski
Rick Schneider
Stephen and Janet Breden
Brian Klatt
Edith Schwarz
Elaine T. Broadhead
Mary and Bert Klein
Anna Schaefer
Mark Brodkey
Naomi Klotz
Keith Schulz
Betty and Howie Burke
Fredric R. Kutner
Loring Schwarz
Elizabeth Byers
Clifton Ladd
Lori Scott
Steven Carter-Lovejoy
Erin Largay
Henry and Peggy Sharpe
Lee Casebere
Jeanette Largue
Sharpe Family Foundation
Steve Chaplin
Mary Ann Lawler and Neal Sigmon
Barbara and Jonathan Sheline
Erin Chen
Yu Man Lee
Sandra Simmons
Combined Federal Campaign
Bob and Dee Leggett
Linda Simon
Robert Chipley
Betty K. Lemon
Jocelyn and Bill Sladen
Ann Coburn
John and Madeline Leonard
Tom Smith
Karen Coda
Tracy Lewerenz
Adam Sonfield
Joyce and Lester Coleman
Barbara Lipscomb
Judy and Robert Soule
Carmen Converse
Leonard Litwin
Bruce Stein
Edwin and Mary Crist
Keith Loring
Hannah Sukonick
Richard and Mary Crouch
Orie & Elinor Loucks
John L. Summitt
Greg Czarnecki
Tom Lovejoy
Jon and Ann Sundstrom
Gwen Davis
Dr. Deborah J. Lucas
Hilary Swain
Joyce Davis
Chris Madden
J. Dale Swenarton Kalousek
Kevin Davis
David T. Mayo
Suseekaran Thavarajasingam
Edward Dayton
John and Lucille Mayo
TisBest Philanthrophy
Carol and Barry Dickman
Manijeh Mazloomi
Elizabeth Tonkin
Holly D. Doremus and Gordon E. Anthon
Annmarie McAninch
Sabra Tonn
George V. Downing
Charles McBride
Gene M. and Charlyne Tucker
Hamilton and Lin Emmons
Jack McMillen
Rita Irene Varley
Joan and David Ehrenfeld
Jason and Alison McNees
Marvalee & David Wake
Don and Kathy Faber-Langendoen
Patricia Mehlhop
Carol Foster and Gary Waldron
Faucett Catalyst Fund
Norma A. Menis-Croxall
Alan and Alison Weakley
David Ferrell
Jay J. Messer
Georgia Welles
Cary Floyd
Marianne Mooney and Joseph Sasfy
Elizabeth Wellman
Jerry Franklin
William Murray
Jonathan Wilfong
Joy Gaddy
Deirdre Neilen
Joseph Williams
Lydia Garvey
Emily Nelson
Helen and Sumner Winebaum
James E. Geringer
Carl Nordman
Dottie and Kenneth Woodcock
Audrey Godell
Gordon and Elizabeth Orians
Henry Woolsey
Kathy and John Goodin
Mary Ann Ormes
Bruce Young
Barbara Goodman
Marilyn Ortt
Jean Young
Samuel Graff
David Pasco
Karen Young and Paul Robie
Craig R. Groves and Victoria Saab
Phil and Janet Pasco
Nicholas T. Zann
Henry and Barbara Hahl
Mary Elizabeth Peck


As a member of the business community, you or your company can sponsor programs, events, and activities that align with your philanthropic priorities and business goals. We are deeply grateful for the support of the following businesses:

Aerial Information Systems
Office Depot
American Express
Hancock Timber
Cambridge Systematics
The Hershey Company
Poor Person’s Enterprises
Inter-American Development Bank
Potlatch Corporation
Conservation Impact
International Paper
Andrew Rich, Vintner
Duke Energy Corporation
Johnson & Johnson
Rite in the Rain
James W. Sewall Company
Mary Kay Inc.
SSI Consulting
The Fred Ezra Company
Microsoft Corporation
FESTF | FIFRA Endangered Species Task Force
Mitsubishi Corporation
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Woolpert, Inc.

Foundations and Nonprofits

As a foundation with interests in the environment, conservation, education, and/or technology, a partnership with NatureServe allows you the opportunity to make an impact in your local community, the United States and beyond. Our warmest thanks to the following private foundations and nonprofits who share our values and support our mission:

American Bird Conservancy
John P. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Organization of American States
American Express Foundation
Marine Affairs Research and Education
Overbrook Foundation
The Bobolink Foundation
Meadows Foundation
David and Lucille Packard Foundation
Keith Campbell Foundation for the Environment
Meridian Institute
California Ocean Science Trust
Mitsubishi Foundation for the Americas
Pronatura Sur
California Native Plant Society
National Council for Air & Stream Improvement, Inc.
Puerto Rico Conservation Trust
Margaret A. Cargill Foundation
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Texas Tech University
Comunidad Andina
National Marine Sanctuary Foundation
Toledo Community Foundation, Inc.
Conservation International Foundation
National Parks Conservation Association
The Trust for Public Land
Curators of the University of Missouri
Natural Resources Defense Council
University of California, San Diego
Sarah K. DeCoizart Perpetual Charitable Trust
NatureServe Canada
University of Rhode Island
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
National Science Foundation
University of Sheffield
Ecological Society of America
The Nature Conservancy
U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities
Environmental Defense Fund
NEON (National Ecological Observatory Network)
The Wilderness Society
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
North Carolina State University
Wildlife Management Institute
The Holliswood School
Northeastern Area Association of State Forests
Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)
Oregon State University
Wildlife Management Institute
Leibniz Institut fur Gewasserokologie und Binnenfischerei
ORBIC | Oregon Biodiversity Information Center
Yale University

Government Agencies

Government agencies are the primary land stewards of millions of acres of land, lakes streams and coastal waters, and they influence private landowner activities through agricultural, water, and wildlife management policies. NatureServe is proud to support the missions of our partners in government that sustain biodiversity while promoting a robust economy. Thanks to the following agencies for working with NatureServe on our joint objectives:

Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation
U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Arizona Game and Fish Department
U.S. National Park Service
Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Nebraska Parks and Game Commission
U.S. Army Environmental Command
New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission
Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
U.S. Bureau of Land Management
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
Cleveland Metroparks
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
U.S. Department of Defense
Organization of American States
U.S. Department of Transportation—Federal Highway Administration
Parks Canada Agency
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments
USDA Farm Service Agency
Puerto Rico Conservation Trust
USDA Forest Service
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
U.S. Geological Survey
Virginia Division of Natural Heritage
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Washington Natural Heritage Program
Louisiana Natural Heritage Program
Western Governors Association