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Two generous individuals, Dick Raines and Andy Kaiser have offered to match your gift, up to $100,000.

A family of polar bears (Ursus maritimus) in Cape Blossom, Alaska | Photo by IFAW

Our world urgently needs NatureServe’s science, now more than ever. The warming climate, expanding human footprint, habitat loss—with each day that passes, these changes threaten biodiversity. NatureServe guides critical actions to halt the irreversible loss of Earth’s biodiversityYour support protects more than just one wetland, forest, plant or animal—it is multiplied across thousands of conservation actions

They challenge you to increase your gift and its impact for conservation. Make your donation by midnight on December 31, and you may be eligible for a tax deduction.

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You make it possible for NatureServe, your local Network Program, and over 80 other organizations in the NatureServe Network to scientifically track rare species and their habitats, and share this information with the world. The result is data-driven decisions and actions that better conserve biodiversity.

Your gift gives the world a clear and credible understanding of the most important wildlife and natural places to protect.

Together, we are creating a world where everyone has access, at their fingertips, to up-to-date knowledge about Earth’s unique, rare, and threatened species and habitats.

Join Dick and Andy and all biodiversity champions to make this shared vision a reality. Donate today to create a world that protects and sustains plants, animals, and the wild places they call home.

When you give to NatureServe, you help halt the loss of Earth’s amazing biodiversity by making every act of conservation more effective. Your gift, transformed by NatureServe into scientific information, steers actions towards the species and places most in need—ensuring that all of the time, energy, and trillions of dollars invested in conservation each year will be more successful.

Your support is critical and makes it possible for The NatureServe Network to systematically track rare species and their habitats, and share this information with the world. No one else fills this niche, and we cannot do it without you. Make your donation today.