Carl Nordman - Southeast Regional Ecologist

Carl Nordman - Southeast Regional EcologistCarl Nordman serves as NatureServe’s Regional Vegetation Ecologist, in the Durham, North Carolina office. He has developed vegetation monitoring protocols, ecological integrity assessments, rare plant status assessments, and recovery plans. His work has included plant identification, field data collection, leading, training and managing field teams, vegetation mapping and classification. Carl has led projects to develop the U.S. National Vegetation Classification in the Southeastern United States. His geographic information science experience includes using ArcGIS 10.x and Python for conservation spatial analysis, modeling urban runoff, wildfire risk assessment, making presentation quality maps, as well as editing and maintaining geodatabases.

Previously, Carl has worked on projects for the National Park Service, United States Forest Service, United States Fish & Wildlife Service, The Nature Conservancy, and other partners. Carl has a Bachelor of Science in Botany from the University of Michigan, and a Master of Geospatial Information Science and Technology from North Carolina State University. In 2011, Carl completed NatureServe's L2L Leadership Training, and was honored as a NatureStar employee in 2014. Carl has previously worked for Natural Heritage Programs in Tennessee, Florida, and North Carolina, and for The Nature Conservancy of Georgia and the North Carolina Botanical Garden.

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