Don Faber-Langendoen, Ph.D. - Senior Ecologist, Northeastern North America

 Don Faber-Langendoen, Ph.D., Senior Ecologist, Northeastern North America

Don Faber-Langendoen, Senior Ecologist at NatureServe, is part of the Conservation Science Division’s Ecology Department.  He works with NatureServe staff, the Network of Natural Heritage Programs, Conservation Data Centers, and with partners in the northeastern U.S. and eastern Canada. Don’s key duties include the classification and conservation status of ecosystems (including both NatureServe and IUCN Ecosystem Red lists,) ecological integrity assessment, and monitoring methods.

To describe, classify, and map ecosystems in support of conservation, Don contributes to the ongoing development of NatureServe’s International Vegetation Classification and Ecological Systems, the US National Vegetation Classification - where he serves as Editor-in-Chief, and Canadian National Vegetation Classification.  In addition, he has helped to apply ecological integrity assessment methods to wetlands and forests across the United States.  Don received his doctoral degree from St. Louis University, in association with the Missouri Botanical Garden, and has conducted research in tropical and temperate forests, tallgrass prairie, and oak savannas. He is a member of the Editorial Board for Phytocoenologia. Currently, Don lives in Syracuse, New York.

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