Lori Scott

Vice President for Technology and Partnerships

Lori serves as NatureServe's Vice President for Technology and Partnerships. She oversees NatureServe’s technology team, with a portfolio that includes software product development and user support for mission critical enterprise information management and delivery systems. Since joining NatureServe in 2000, Lori has led the successful transformation of the organization’s core biodiversity data platform Biotics 5 and its public information delivery platform NatureServe Explorer. Lori’s team supports NatureServe’s Network of Natural Heritage Programs with implementation of sophisticated online tools to automate environmental review and to manage and direct treatment for invasive species in their jurisdictions. Her team was recognized with the  IDG CIO 100 Award in 2016 and the Computerworld Premier 100 Technology Leaders Award in 2017.

Lori’s work experience includes 10 years serving Lockheed Martin Corporation in the field of software integration and information systems development. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Bucknell University in her home state of Pennsylvania. She lives with her husband in Arlington, Virginia, where she volunteers for the county’s stream monitoring program, which samples macroinvertebrate diversity as an indicator of water quality.