Manager's Guide to the Integrated Ecological Framework

Patrick Crist

The Integrated Ecological Framework (IEF) is a peer-reviewed technical guide that supports transportation planners and natural resource specialists, and uses a standardized, science-based approach to identify ecological priorities and integrate them into transportation and infrastructure decision-making. It is informed by efforts at federal and state natural resource and transportation agencies to address known organizational, process, and policy challenges related to accelerating project delivery while still achieving net environmental benefits. This guide is intended to primarily support mid- to long-range transportation and infrastructure planning rather than individual project assessment and design.

NatureServe Author(s)


  • Crist PJ, Venner M, Kagan JS, Howie S, and Gaines LJ. 2013. Manager’s Guide to the Integrated Ecological Framework. Corvallis, OR: Institute for Natural Resources, Oregon State University.