Regional Assessment: Stateline Solar Farm Project

NatureServeMary Harkness

The purpose of the regional assessment was to provide additional characterization of the potential ecological effects of two proposed alternatives for the Stateline solar project, given existing conditions in the Ivanpah Valley Watershed. Specific objectives included characterizing the general ecological health of the ecosystems of the Ivanpah Valley Watershed, providing a demographic summary of the Mojave desert tortoise for the watershed, and assessing the potential for habitat connectivity for desert tortoise within the watershed and beyond, using existing data. Ecological health was assessed using NatureServe's Landscape Condition Model and connectivity was assessed using Circuitscape.  

NatureServe Author(s)


  • NatureServe. 2012. Regional assessment: Stateline solar farm project. Technical report prepared for Desert Stateline, LLC. NatureServe, Arlington, VA.