Conserving Canada's Wild Species

On Guard For Them Author, Rob Rainer Speaks On Conserving Canadian Wildlife

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"As I enjoy our land and other wild parts of Canada, I am saddened by the fraying of our country’s natural heritage. A report I recently co-wrote for the national charity NatureServe Canada, and supported by some of Canada’s most accomplished biologists, documents 381 species and 188 subspecies that are at risk of being lost forever to extinction. These include flowers, ferns, beetles and butterflies, as well as dragonflies, fish, turtles and snakes. The list also includes songbirds, seabirds, bats, seals, whales and more. Two hundred and thirteen of these animals, plants and lichens are found only in the 'True North strong and free,' meaning that Canada alone has responsibility for their fate." - Rob Rainer, lead author of On Guard for Them

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