NatureServe Canada and Canadian Wildlife Service honored for Scientific and Technological Achievement

NatureServe Canada and Canadian Wildlife Service honored for Scientific and Technological Achievement from NatureServe on Vimeo.



April 9, 2017

ARLINGTON, VA— Each year, NatureServe, an international biodiversity conservation organization, honors one of its Network Programs with the Scientific and Technological Achievement Award.  This honor recognizes its significant field discoveries, improvements in field data collection and data handling, and advances in biological knowledge. This year, NatureServe Canada (NSC) and the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) are recognized for their contributions to furthering NatureServe’s mission of being the authoritative source of biodiversity data for effective conservation.

NatureServe Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Service are members of the National General Status Working Group (NGSWG) which develops the Wild Species report series. The Wild Species 2015 report will soon be released and will for the first time employ NatureServe methodology for its species status assessments. By adopting NatureServe methodology, the NGSWG no longer needed to invest significant resources cross-walking NatureServe ranks developed by the Canadian Conservation Data Centres into General Status ranks.  This played an important role in enabling the NGSWG member organizations to assess the conservation status of 29,848 species for the Wild Species 2015 report.

“It is our honor to award the Scientific and Technological Achievement Award to NatureServe Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Service this year,” states Dr. Gregory Miller, Ph.D., President and CEO of NatureServe. “This award recognizes their work together, along with the other member organizations of the NGSWG, in greatly expanding the knowledge regarding the status of Canada’s species. “The Canadian Wildlife Service has played an impressive role in coordinating the efforts of the NGSWG members in order to develop the Wild Species 2015 report,” said Patrick Henry, Executive Director of NatureServe Canada.  “NatureServe Canada is proud of the role our National Office and member organizations played in integrating the NatureServe methodology into the work of the NGSWG.”

NatureServe Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Service members will be given the 2017 NatureServe Scientific and Technological Achievement Award on April 11, 2017 at the Biodiversity without Boundaries Conference, currently underway in Ottawa, Canada. For more information about the NatureServe Scientific and Technological Achievement Award, visit our NatureServe Awards site.   

About the Canadian Wildlife Service

Environment Canada’s Canadian Wildlife Service is an Associate Member organization of NatureServe Canada.  Environment Canada provides funding to NatureServe Canada and the network of Conservation Data Centres through an annual Contribution Agreement. The funding is directed to activities that support the development, management and distribution of biodiversity data and expertise critical to the effective implementation of federal biodiversity programs related to the Species at Risk Act and the Accord for the Protection of Species at Risk. The two organizations identify the importance of coordinated national efforts to ensure the efficient implementation of effective biodiversity conservation programs, such as the recovery of species at risk, and wildlife management. Visit the Canadian Wildlife Service website.

About NatureServe and NatureServe Canada

 NatureServe is a non-profit biodiversity conservation organization comprised of 86 Network Programs encompassing more than 800 biodiversity scientists who discover, innovate, and conserve over 70,000 species and 7,000 habitats that are at-risk of extinction in the Western Hemisphere. The NatureServe Network collects accurate, real-time data about imperiled species and entire ecosystems, transforms the data into knowledge products and visualizations, and provides meaning through expert analyses to guide decision-making, implement action, and enhance conservation outcomes. NatureServe steadily keeps its finger on the pulse of the planet, to ensure the preservation of species and natural communities whose futures depend on conservation action. Visit the NatureServe website.

NatureServe Canada functions as a network of provincial and territorial Conservation Data Centres (CDCs) to develop, manage, and distribute authoritative information critical to the conservation of Canada’s biodiversity. Data held by NatureServe Canada are widely used by federal and provincial agencies, private industry, researchers and conservation organizations to improve the management, use and conservation of biological resources in Canada. NatureServe Canada also represents Canadian CDCs within the broader international network of similar centres throughout the Western Hemisphere known as NatureServe. By operating as a network, NatureServe, NatureServe Canada and the CDCs are able to provide consistent and high-quality ecological information and services at a geographic scale beyond the jurisdiction of individual members. Visit the NatureServe Canada website.


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