Preparing the Coast for Climate Change

The potential impacts of climate change are already influencing the choices that coastal communities make.

To help communities prepare for the far-reaching effects of these changes, NatureServe’s EBM Tools Network published Tools for Coastal Climate Adaptation Planning: A guide for selecting tools to assist with ecosystem-based climate planning. Funded with the support of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Keith Campbell Foundation for the Environment, Tools for Coastal Climate Adaptation Planning can be downloaded for free at 

Freight liners off the coast of Vancouver, B.C. Photo: James Wheeler |

“This is a valuable compilation of tools that will help coastal communities assess and compare climate change response options,” said Dennis M. King, Ph.D., University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. Other users agree: “The emphasis on comparing tools, providing case studies, and being geared toward users at all levels of climate adaptation planning make this guide quite useful for practitioners and researchers alike,” said Patricia Tillmann, National Wildlife Federation.