Walt Reid

2013 NatureServe Conservation Award Winner

In recognition of his extraordinary contributions to protecting and understanding the world’s ecosystems, NatureServe awarded Dr. Walt Reid with the 2013 NatureServe Conservation Award at Biodiversity Without Boundaries in Baltimore, Maryland.

Currently the director of the Conservation and Science Program at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Dr. Reid from 1998 to 2005 led the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, which provided a state-of-the-art scientific appraisal of the condition and trends in the world’s ecosystems, the consequences of ecosystem change, and the options for policy and management responses.

“It is an honor to recognize Walt’s leadership with this year’s award,” said Mary Klein, NatureServe’s president and CEO. “The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment has had an enormous impact on the practice of conserving and restoring ecosystems. And its emphasis on collaboration and consensus between the scientific, business, and corporate communities offers a model for enacting meaningful policy changes.”

Three NatureServe Network Awards were also presented at the event:

The North Carolina Natural Heritage Program (NCNHP) received the 2013 Scientific and Technical Advancement Award, recognizing their achievements in establishing rigorous criteria for setting conservation priorities among sites of biological significance in the state.

Natural Heritage New Mexico (NHNM) received the 2013 Conservation Impact Award, highlighting the direction they’ve provided to the Western Wildlife Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool.

The Oregon Biodiversity Information Center (ORBIC) received the 2013 Network Collaboration Award, crediting their leadership in engaging network members to develop innovative conservation data and information.