Custom Data Services

Customized Species Information for Informed Decisions, Modeling, and Analysis


Not quite finding what you want in our standard online data products?  NatureServe can provide custom datasets and analyses designed to meet your specific needs.

NatureServe can provide both non-spatial and spatially explicit information for species and ecosystems either regionally or nationally. We can provide data products in a variety of formats from simple Excel spreadsheets, map images, or GIS layers, to more complex relational Access databases, Geodatabases, or custom Map Services. 

Note that NatureServe only fulfills requests that span multiple states or provinces; for data needs involving a single state or province, please contact our member programs directly.


From simple maps to multi-jurisdictional precise species location datasets, NatureServe can provide one-stop access to information by coordinating with our network of member programs, and performing the GIS and database analyses to produce specialized data products that will meet your conservation needs.

Features & Benefits

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Note that service fees are charged to cover the cost of fulfilling custom requests, which depend on the scope and geographic scale of the data or products being requested.  Once the form is submitted, NatureServe will follow up within a few business days and provide an estimate for the requested information before performing any work.


Non-Spatial Data Requests: Lists of species/community names, or lists of species/communities at a geographic scale of county, 8-digit watershed, or coarser.

Spatial Data Requests: Precise GIS data, or lists of species at a geographic scale finer than county or 8-digit watershed.


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If you’re not ready to submit a request but would like more information or wish to discuss it first, please contact our Products and Services team at or 703-908-1824.