NatureServe Network Membership

Membership in NatureServe enhances local organizational effectiveness by:

  • Engaging with a community. Participating in our network offers multiple opportunities to engage with ecologists, botanists and zoologists, and other conservation scientists that share your passion for gathering information and sharing knowledge about our natural world.
  • Increasing efficiency. Members share the costs and benefits of developing standards, methods, and computer systems to support our work.
  • Contributing and gaining access to innovations. Because we share a common purpose, members of the NatureServe Network can collaborate on finding innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • Increasing organizational reach and influence. As a member of NatureServe, your work contributes to solving conservation challenges at national, regional and international scales. NatureServe works to highlight and promote the work of its members through a variety of media.

There are two levels of membership, representing different levels of engagement, privileges and responsibilities.