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Submitted by allison_kenlan_5542 on Mon, 12/06/2021 - 11:00

NatureServe is seeking a variety of presentations, videos, and more for BWB 2022. Our theme, Coming Together for Conservation, will highlight how NatureServe, the Network, and our partners collaborate to identify the latest trends in data, conservation science, and technology to improve conservation of biodiversity.


NatureServe is seeking presentations that fall into one of the following sub-themes of the conference: 

  • Coming Together: How NatureServe, the Network, and our partners work together to improve the conservation of biodiversity, including:
    • Use of Network Data and/or collaborations to advance objectives related to government programs, such as 30x30, Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (US), State Wildlife Action Plans (US), Species At Risk Act (CA), etc.
    • Other Network-wide or regional initiatives
  • Technological Solutions for Biodiversity Information: Demonstrating how the breadth of tools currently deployed and in creation are used across the Network and by others to collect, manage, and serve data vital to protecting at-risk species and ecosystems, including:
    • Tools such as collaborative data review tools, Environmental Review Tools, dashboards, etc.
    • Use of citizen science platforms
  • Data, Science, and Trends: Illustrate the vast expertise in the Network and beyond to put the best available data on at-risk species and ecosystems to work to solve conservation problems, including:
    • Advances in spatial data offerings, range maps, models, etc.
    • National and international ecological assessments
    • Tools and assessments regarding climate change
    • Advances in data visualization, including dashboards, maps, Program level platforms, etc.
  • Conservation Today: Explore current successes and what’s on the horizon for efforts in conservation, communications, and more, including:
    • Success stories and collaborative efforts that illustrate outcomes in conservation
    • Examples of best practices in science communications
    • Efforts to identify conservation priorities

Other topics may be considered, but these four main topics & sub-topics will receive priority.

Presentation Parameters

  • 20 minutes maximum (note: to accommodate as many presenters as possible, we may offer a shorter timeslot), including time for Q&A.
  • All presentations will be given in person. You must be planning to attend all or part of the conference.

To submit your presentation for consideration, use this survey. All submissions must be completed by January 31, 2022.

Network Opportunities

Network Program Highlight Videos

Everyone loved the Network Highlight Videos from BWB 2021, so we're asking again for short, upbeat videos introducing your program to the attendees of BWB. If you didn't submit a highlight last year, now is your chance to participate! Programs that did submit last year can submit again.


  • To record over Zoom, follow these instructions (also suggested: enable HD recording)
  • To record on your phone, please record in landscape (phone on its side, rather than upright) at the highest possible resolution (see instructions adjusting video quality: iPhone/Samsung/Google)
  • For both Zoom and phone recordings, we recommend wearing earbuds since they produce better audio quality
  • Try to keep your video to 1 minute so that we can feature as many videos as possible.

Visit the link in your email to submit. All submissions must be completed by February 18, 2022. If you have trouble with the link, please email BWB@natureserve.org.

Notes from the Field 

We want to hear what’s going on in your area! What great things did you find during the last field season? All topics of interest to conservation of biodiversity from the Network and their partners will be considered. 


  • Presentations must be pre-recorded 
  • 3 minutes maximum 
  • Formats accepted:
    • Recorded PowerPoint  
    • Mp4 video 
    • YouTube video 

Visit the link in your email to submit. All submissions must be completed by February 18, 2022. If you have trouble with the link, please email BWB@natureserve.org

Watch the video below from last year's Biodiversity Without Boundaries Conference to see examples of the Network Highlights (5:54-12:00) and the Notes from the Field session (starting at 12:32).