Biotics Data Fields

The NatureServe Network has developed a spatial and tabular data management system called Biotics.

Data exchanges between CDC instances of Biotics and the NatureServe Central Biotics instance take place regularly in order to ensure that information such as species lists, taxonomy and status assesments at the Subnational, National and Global levels are the same in all of our members databases.

When you submit a data request to NatureServe Canada, or to a CDC who has adopted Biotics, it will be helpful for you to understand the Biotics data fields.  This will ensure that the data you request/receive will include the fields that you require.  With this in mind, NatureServe Canada has developed the Biotics Data Dictionnary

Before submitting your request to a CDC or to NatureServe Canada we encourage you to review the dictionnary and to contact NatureServe Canada if you have any questions.