The Jaguar Lives: ProNatura's 2014 Presentation on Panthera Onca

Definition of Biological Corridors for Jaguar in the Yucatan Peninsula

The jaguar (Panthera onca) carries a unique cultural and scientific significance in the Yucatan | Photo by Steve WebelAt Biodiversity Without Boundaries 2014, Gerardo Garcia Contreras of ProNatura Yucatan presented on the status of Panthera onca—where it is, what sorts of records exist, and who is studying the iconic creature. His proposal begins with the creation of a more-precise distribution map and the need for a single database of jaguar records. Among the presentation's two dozen slides: maps detailing antropogenic influence, vegetation preference, and a breakdown of the 654 registered jaguar records in the Yucatan from 2010 compared with gaps as of 2013. 

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