NatureServe Releases Vista 3.0

Upgrades and new functionality

The latest version of NatureServe Vista 3.0 is now available. Version 3.0 contains numerous feature upgrades and some new functionality including:

  • The landscape conditional model (LCM) feature has been updated.
  • Scenario evaluations can now incorporate condition model results in addition to the compatibility scores assigned to elements.
  • Users can now package their project to a ZIP file directly within NatureServe Vista
  • Users can now clip and package their projects to a sub-area boundary
  • Users can export all project layers to an ESRI ArcGIS mpk file.
  • Multiple elements can now be edited at once.
  • Rasters can be imported directly for element distribution maps.
  • Import from shapefile allows selection of various input columns rather than requiring adherence to a particular naming convention.