Leverage a Global Volunteer Network and Access the Data Needed to Solve Environmental Challenges by Marcus Pearson and Aisling Force of Adventure Scientists

Collecting data can require time, funding, and skills that are unavailable. Efforts to address today’s most pressing issues – from deforestation to antibiotic resistance – often become hamstrung by a lack of access to reliable large-scale data from necessary environments. As a result, Adventure Scientists (www.adventurescientists.org) has built a global network of volunteers from the outdoor community and a platform that enables them to collect otherwise inaccessible data. These data support partners from agencies, nonprofits, and universities in filling crucial data gaps and informing science-based decision-making. This webinar will explore the possibilities that emerge when you engage a worldwide network of highly-skilled adventure-oriented volunteers. This passionate and committed community collects research-grade data at scales, geographies, and within timelines that to date have been unattainable. Our efforts have ranged from discovering the highest-elevation plants (21,260 feet) to collecting water samples from 567 feet below the ocean’s surface. Volunteers can gather physical specimens (e.g., water, soil), conduct wildlife observations, deploy technology (e.g., camera traps), and ground-truth remote-sensing and drone imagery anywhere, at any scale. What could you accomplish with this volunteer network at your service? Webinar hosted by the EBM Tools Network (co-coordinated by OCTO and NatureServe). Register for the webinar at https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_4yNbroWXStOYBgzLqot9zQ.