NatureServe Vista 3.2 for ArcGIS Released

Free decision-support software now supports state and ecoregional-sized projects

NatureServe announces the release of NatureServe Vista 3.2 ®, which adds several new features.

  • The landscape conditional model (LCM) feature has been updated and its performance enhanced.
  • Ability to import/export LCM model inputs via XML. Allows for backup, easy replication, and editing outside of NatureServe Vista.
  • Added capability to export raster results to KML.
  • Expanded functionality of Minimum Size for Viability in Scenario Evaluations.
  • Allow viewing/editing of descriptions in the LUI list.
  • Allow reordering of rows in LUI list.
  • Better naming and grouping of NatureServe Vista results in ArcMap TOC.
  • New Scenario Evaluation maps and reports added for:
    • Protection Conflict,
    • Viability Conflict with Goals,
    • and Viable Protection Conflict with Goals

Vista is a powerful, flexible tool that integrates conservation values within many planning and assessment activities such as land use, transportation, energy, natural resources, and ecosystem-based management in terrestrial, freshwater, and marine environments.

NatureServe Vista 3.2 is also fully compatible with Marxan 2.1.1, using a step-by-step wizard to “generate solutions” and create input files needed for Marxan. Users can also import Marxan results through Vista’s “capture results” function. 

NatureServe Vista 3.2 is free for users to download at, where registrants can access additional resources, including FAQs, detailed user guides, and details on other companion tools. Registered users of Vista receive notifications on new updates, typically 2-3 times per year.

While Vista is free and easy to learn and use, NatureServe offers complete support services, including technical support, live and online help desks, training programs, and other conservation-planning and ecosystem-management consulting services.