Hancock Forest Management – Nodding Yucca

Hancock Forest Management is part of Hancock Timber Resource Group, the world's largest timber investment management organization. On a recent trip to east Texas, we spoke with Hancock foresters Al Lyons and Christy Nichol about the NatureServe network's role and impact in protecting rare species and communities on their forest lands.
When Christy found a populations of unusual yuccas, she put a call in to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department botanist Jason Singhurst, who confirmed it as nodding yucca (Yucca cernua). This distinctive shrub is new to science, having only been described in 2003. The population that Christy found on Hancock land was one of only a handful of known populations—and the first in Hardin County.
Hancock Timber Resource Group works closely with NatureServe, TPWD, and other network members so that when they find something out of the ordinary like the nodding yucca, they report their findings back. That kind of partnership Hancock creates a virtuous cycle of improvement, where the users of our detailed scientific knowledge about at-risk species and communities actually improve our understanding of them. Talk about win-win!  

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