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NatureServe Explorer®
An Online Guide to Species and Ecosystems

NatureServe Explorer® provides authoritative conservation information on more than 100,000 plants, animals, and ecosystems of the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

This free searchable public database represents 50 years of field work, ecological inventory, and scientific database development by NatureServe, its network members, and hundreds of botanists, zoologists, ecologists, and information specialists.


NatureServe Explorer offers a variety of features to support conservation professionals and nature enthusiasts alike:

  • Search our database to find common names, conservation status, and distribution maps for 100,000 species and ecosystems in the Americas 
  • Easily customize searches by region, taxonomic group, conservation status, and more
  • Create and export detailed reports based on search criteria and filters
  • Access the most up-to-date information, which syncs directly from the NatureServe network's biodiversity database
  • For Explorer Pro users: download high-resolution datasets and maps

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Features & Benefits

NatureServe Explorer has been a trusted resource for conservation professionals, nonprofits, academics, and enthusiasts for two decades. Government agencies in the United States and Canada rely on NatureServe data to protect species under the Endangered Species Act and Species at Risk Act, manage precious habitat, and inform conservation strategies such as designation of protected lands. The IUCN Red List, a global source for biodiversity information, utilizes NatureServe’s data to report on species and ecosystems in the Americas. Even Amazon’s Alexa uses NatureServe Explorer to answer questions about endangered species (try it for yourself!).

  • Science magazine called it “a 25-year trove of field data on the plants and animals of the United States and Canada.” 
  • The online scholarly review service ChoiceReviews.org wrote “NatureServe Explorer is a tremendous new resource that deserves to be bookmarked at every library, whether public, school, or academic.Recommended for all levels from junior high students to professionals.”
  • The editors of Awesome Library, which reviews more than 16,000 educational websites, identified NatureServe Explorer as one of the top five percent in the field of K-12 education.
  • USA Today listed NatureServe Explorer as one of its daily choices for hot sites.