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Gifts of Stock

Gifts of long-term appreciated stock or mutual funds offer a quick, easy and tax-efficient way to make a lasting contribution to NatureServe. Your gift will help NatureServe and its nework of more than 1,000 scientists protect precious natural places close to your heart and around the world.

Securities Held by Your Broker

If your broker (or bank) holds your securities, your gift can be electronically transferred to NatureServe. NatureServe maintains an account with Goldman Sachs. When transferring stocks to this account, mail or fax a completed: Outright Gifts of Securities Gift Form (available from  your broker).

Inform your broker or banker that you would like to donate securities to NatureServe. Your broker or banker should contact Macailaugh McCue at 703-908-1895 to provide the details of the gift and to process your transaction.

Securities Held By You

If you hold the securities, mail (via UPS or other traceable medium) or hand-deliver the certificate(s) to:

Google Maps:
2511 Richmond Highway, Suite 930
Arlington, VA 22202
ATTN: Development Team

Mail & UPS:
2511 Jefferson Davis Highway, Suite 930
Arlington, VA 22202
ATTN: Development Team

In a separate envelope, mail or deliver to the address above a signed stock or bond power for each security. You may obtain blank stock powers from the stock gift manager, your broker or bank. Please sign the power exactly as your name appears on the certificate or bond. Enclose a letter stating the purpose of your gift with the certificate(s).

Note: It is very important to mail the security certificate and the signed power separately. We also recommend that the certificate be sent by certified mail with return receipt.