Who's Who

The NatureServe Network thrives on collaboration. Here are some of the ways you can connect with us to learn more.

Board of Directors

Members of NatureServe's board of directors met at headquarters in Arlington, Virginia in November 2016

NatureServe operates as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization under the direction of a Board of Directors, whose members include both Network and at-large representatives.

NatureServe Canada is an independent national organization based in Ottawa, Ontario. Read more about NatureServe Canada's Board of Directors.

Strategic Advisors Council

  • Mike Andrews - Durham, NC
  • Tracy Austin - New York, NY
  • Martha Boudreau - Washington, DC
  • Jack Dangermond - Redlands, CA
  • Jim Geringer - Cheyenne, WY
  • Lucas Joppa - Seattle, WA
  • Andrew Kaiser - New York, NY
  • Paul Hagen - Washington, DC
  • Carolyn Hendricks - Bethesda, MD
  • Sherry Huber - Falmouth, ME
  • Gary Knight - Tallahassee, FL
  • Ed Kfoury - Oquossoc, ME
  • Nancy Mathews - Burlington, VT
  • Rick Ridgeway - Ojai, CA
  • Bill Ruckelshaus - Seattle, WA
  • Tom Smith - Richmond, VA
  • Nancy Weiss - Charlottesville, VA
  • Jonathan Wilfong - Raleigh-Durham, NC
  • Carol Wise - Charlottesville, VA 


More key contacts

Our Offices

The five U.S. offices of NatureServe augment the local expertise provided by our Hemispheric-wide network.

Home Office
4600 N. Fairfax Dr., 7th Floor
Arlington, VA 22203
Tel: 703-908-1801
Fax: 703-229-1670

Northeastern Office
c/o UMass Boston Biology Department
100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125-3393
Fax: 617-287-6650

Southeastern Office
601-A Foster Street
Durham, NC 27701
Tel: 919-808-1752

Western Office
2108 55th Street, Suite 220
Boulder, CO 80301
Fax: 720-506-3295

Midwestern Office
P.O. Box 9354
St. Paul, MN 55109
Tel: 703-908-1817

Section Councils

NatureServes recognizes that effective biodiversity conservation responds to the unique social, political, and economic conditions in any given  section of the world. As such, we seek to foster and accommodate network participation through regional Sections. Members in the Canadian, Latin American, and U.S. Sections support the Network by representing regional interests pursuit and ensuring their reflection in our shared goals, objectives, and plans.

Network Directory

Still not finding who you're looking for? Search our Network directory to find our member organizations and their nearly 1,000 staff.