NatureServe Network

NatureServe represents a Network of independent centers that collect and analyze data about the plants, animals, and ecological communities of the Western Hemisphere. Known as natural heritage programs or conservation data centers, these programs operate throughout all of the United States and Canada, and in many countries and territories of Latin America.


Network Members

The role of these organizations is to collect, analyze, and distribute detailed scientific information about the biological diversity found within their jurisdictions. The nearly 1,000 staff across the Network are experts in their fields and include some of the most knowledgeable field biologists, data managers, and conservation planners in their regions. Through its extended network of partnerships and collaborators, NatureServe engages more than 10,000 scientific and technology experts worldwide.

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Regional Sections

NatureServe’s member programs are organized in three regional sections, through which the programs work together to share common experiences and expertise.


Global Partners

NatureServe works with a wide array of partners to accomplish our goal of providing the scientific basis for effective conservation.



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