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By expanding on our core strengths and complementing the work of others, NatureServe provides the information, methods, and tools needed to reduce threats to and ultimately improve conservation of coastal and marine biodiversity.

The coast of Atui in the southern Cook Island archipelago. Photo by John Goodin.

Our work supports coastal and marine resource managers, conservation practitioners, emergency responders and business communities dependent on coastal ecosytems.  Our methods include developing coastal and marine ecological classifications; coordinating observation data standard; mapping; assessing conservation status and threats, and establishing metrics for assessing and monitoring ecosystem condition to support restoration efforts.  We work with partners to develop tools, share expertise, and publish data to support ecosystem based management and coastal and marine spatial planning.

  1. Camas National Wildlife Refuge

  2. Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

  3. Willapa National Wildlife Refuge: Vegetation Mapping and Ecological Integrity Assessment

  4. Ecosystem Classification

    ProductStandards & Methods
  5. Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard: June 2012

    PublicationScientific Report
  6. Ecological Resilience Indicators for Five Northern Gulf of Mexico Ecosystems