A Collaborative Online Tool for Invasive Species Reporting and Data Management


iMapInvasives is an online GIS-based data management system developed and led by members of the NatureServe network. Its tools assist citizen scientists and natural resource managers working to protect natural resources from the threat of invasive species.

iMapInvasives provides six types of data:

  • Observation: who, what, when, where
  • Assessment: detailed information about an observation
  • Survey: planned search of an area to determine presence or absence of specific invasive species
  • Treatment: information about management strategies
  • Infestation: information about a population
  • Project: groups of related data


Invasive species—non-native organisms that negatively impact ecosystems, human health, and the economy—are an ever-present challenge to those responsible for protecting our lands and waters. To succeed in tracking and managing infestations, conservation professionals need sophisticated tools and access to high-quality data about where invasive species occur across the landscape. iMapInvasives provides an online database and mapping system designed to enable rapid sharing and efficient management of invasive species data.

Features & Benefits

Natural resource managers use iMapInvasives to track monitoring and treatment efforts and to stay informed of new invaders. Advanced users can make use of online polygons and detailed data forms provide flexibility for individual project needs while maintaining a standardized data structure. The GIS framework of iMapInvasives allows users to perform map-based queries, generate custom reports and maps, and receive early detection email alerts based on both species and specific geographies like counties or watersheds.

While the partners that developed iMapInvasives designed it to meet the needs of natural resource managers, the system is a powerful tool for citizen scientists to assist in efforts to control invasives. Because they are often among the first to notice a new organism that appears out of place, interested and attentive amateurs play a critical role important in early detection of invasive infestations, which is the most effective line of defense. Using their smart phones to share photos and GPS coordinates of what they see with iMapInvasives, individuals can sound the alarm for practitioners who concentrate on controlling invasives.

iMapInvasives operates at state and provincial scales and provides a shared resource for many institutions working on invasive species. As a collective hub for invasive species data, the system provides a way to communicate effectively across both organizations and political boundaries. 

iMapInvasives is a collaborative project of

  • New York Natural Heritage Program
  • Florida Natural Areas Inventory
  • Arizona Natural Heritage Program
  • Oregon Biodiversity Information Center
  • Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program
  • Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre
  • Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, Division of Natural Heritage
  • The Nature Conservancy, Vermont Chapter
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • NatureServe

Learn more at iMapInvasives.