Biodiversity Analysis in Support of University Master Planning

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, United States; approximately 10,000 acres

About This Project

NatureServe assembled existing and new information to create a comprehensive biodiversity analysis of lands owned by the University of Virginia and the University of Virginia Foundation. This biodiversity analysis informed UVA's master planning process. As part of this project, NatureServe provided:

  • A final report summarizing conservation values throughout the UVA and UVAF properties, suggesting conservation goals for future planning, and establishing example scenarios that examine how alternative future land use plans affect the ability to realize conservation goals.

  • A conservation planning tool (NatureServe Vista) for use as an ArcMap extension to develop conservation value summaries, modify landscape conservation goals, and create new conservation scenarios as new information is received.


The intent of this project was to create an updated ecological database for the University of Virginia and to conduct analyses of conservation value for a select group of potential development sites.


The information was used in the university master planning process to identify areas of potential high impact from university development and areas of relatively low ecological value that could be oriented toward intensive uses.