8th Annual International Congress for Wildlife and Livelihoods on Private and Communal Lands

The Colorado Natural Heritage Program, a member of the NatureServe network, is hosting a symposium on private land conservation at this conference.

The International Congress for Wildlife and Livelihoods on Private and Communal Lands emphasizes practical knowledge, skills and attitudes with action outcomes to assist private and communal sectors internationally, in North America, and in Colorado before, during and after the event. Sessions and workshops are planned with invited speakers of quality and substance, related papers from around the world, and field trips to Blue Valley Ranch, McGregor Ranch, Rocky Mountain National Park, Sylvan Dale Ranch and LightHawk flights observing issues and conservation from the air.

Over 40 topics are being considered, including titles such as:

  • Collaborations across landscapes and jurisdictions by governments, businesses, and peoples
  • Helping rural and urban persons to want wildlife and nature as part of their spirit and livelihoods
  • Conservation legislation and policy to encourage wildlife management, nature conservation, endangered species protection, tourism, enterprises, and other human and landscape needs
  • Energy development, climate change, and mitigations that promote wildlife and livelihoods
  • Organizing, administering, and using Land Trusts or other payments for environmental services
  • Urban, X-Urban, and Rural land and wildlife planning, development, and mitigations
  • Forming and managing local to international private and communal Wildlife Associations
  • Ethics of hunting and wildlife management techniques under different systems
  • Role of NGOs to promote, and to evaluate conservation interests locally and internationally
  • The role of institutions to educate future leaders and managers for private and communal sectors
  • Preventing and mitigating diseases and conflicts between humans and wildlife
  • The business of wildlife and nature conservation for state and national economies and workforces

Save the date and get involved. Planning moves rapidly. Outcomes will depend on human and financial capital that is leveraged into strategic actions. Priorities are finding key thinkers, topics, sponsors, cooperators, facilitators, speakers, and participants. Your ideas and support are welcomed!