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NatureServe Canada Board of Directors and Associate Members

The NatureServe Canada Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from our Constituent Member provincial and territorial Conservation Data Centres (CDCs). In addition to governing the operations of NatureServe Canada, our Board of Directors supports the broader international network in achieving its shared mission by:

  • Representing the CDCs in strategic, annual, and operational planning
  • Coordinating communications and maintaining connections between CDCs and NatureServe staff
  • Seeking and contributing to fundraising and business development
  • Nominating a representative member of the NatureServe Board of Directors

In addition to the Constituent Member CDCs, NatureServe Canada includes Associate Member agencies and organizations that support the purposes of the network and who contribute and manage important biodiversity data. The collaborative efforts of the Constituent and Associate Members facilitate the effective planning and implementation of NatureServe Canada's activities and projects.

Please contact us if your organization is interested to learn more about Associate Membership in the NatureServe Canada.

NatureServe Canada Board of Directors
(Constituent Member CDC Representatives)

Bruce Bennett, Chair
Coordinator, Yukon Conservation Data Centre
Whitehorse, Yukon

Chris Friesen, Secretary
Coordinator, Manitoba Conservation Data Centre
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sean Blaney, Treasurer
Executive Director, Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre
Sackville, New Brunswick

Damien Joly, Vice-Chair
Manager, British Columbia Conservation Data Centre
Victoria, British Columbia

Jeff Keith
Coordinator, Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre
Regina, Saskatchewan

Simon Dodsworth
Acting Coordinator, Ontario Natural Heritage Information Centre
Peterborough, Ontario

Angela Holzapfel
Coordinator, Alberta Conservation Information Management System
Edmonton, Alberta

Suzanne Carrière
Coordinator, Northwest Territories Conservation Data Centre
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Kate England
Coordinator, Nunavut Conservation Data Centre
Igloolik, Nunavut

Patrick Henry
Executive Director, NatureServe Canada
Ottawa, Ontario

NatureServe Canada Associate Member Representatives

Allison Gratz
Director of Network Relations, NatureServe
Arlington, Virginia, United States

Charles Francis
Manager, Bird Population Monitoring
Canadian Wildlife Service
Environment and Climate Change Canada

Samantha Knight
Manager, Weston Family Science  
Nature Conservancy of Canada

David Clark

National Natural Resource Conservation Information Specialist

Natural Resource Conservation Branch, National Office

Parks Canada Agency

Karine Robert
Science Advisor
Fish Population Science
Fisheries and Oceans Canada