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Submitted by allison_kenlan_5542 on Tue, 08/17/2021 - 16:53

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Biodiversity Without Boundaries 2022

Stay tuned for more information regarding the dates, location, and sessions for Biodiversity Without Boundaries 2022.

Sean heads to the Northeast

Sean and the Van Humboldt are headed to the New England area for the next leg of the NatureServe Network Van Tour. Follow us on social media for updates from the road, and check out the blog to read all about each visit.

Thomas Brooks: The IUCN World Conservation Congress

Sean speaks with Thomas Brooks, Chief Scientist of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) ahead of the IUCN World Conservation Congress taking place September 3rd to September 11th in Marseille.

All Upcoming & Past Events

  • Conference | Pittsburgh, PA
    The NatureServe Biodiversity Without Boundaries 2022 Conference “Coming Together for Conservation” will be held on March 22-24, 2022 in Pittsburgh, PA. This conference is a must-attend for biodiversity & conservation scientists and other professionals who strive to ensure our shared lands and waters are thriving now and in the future.
  • Training | Virtual
    NatureServe is pleased to announce we are hosting Core Methodology Training (CMT), virtually, this fall. The dates are November 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 8th from 1-5 pm Eastern. Registration is currently open, and you can visit this website to learn more or register. 
  • Webinar | Online
    Chief Scientist Dr. Healy Hamilton presented at the Esri Science Symposium, sharing stories from around the globe on why biodiversity is important and how spatial tools, including those developed by NatureServe, are essential for conservation.
  • Conference | Virtual
    This conference is a must-attend for biodiversity & conservation scientists and other professionals who strive to ensure our shared lands and waters are thriving now and in the future. Learn more about the new developments in our efforts to make it possible—and easy—for people to use accurate, current scientific information as the basis for conservation decisions and actions.
  • Webinar | Online
    We are please to announce Virtual BWB—a webinar series from NatureServe that will be a forum for important discussions related to the Network, our stakeholders and policy makers.
  • | Webinar
    EcoHealth Alliance y NatureServe, en colaboración con la Red de Observaciones de Biodiversidad de las Américas (Américas-BON), GEO BON, y la Comisión de Gestión de Ecosistemas de IUCN, y el Equipo de Trabajo de Salud Humana y Manejo Ecosistémico, se complacen en anunciar una edición especial del Pulso del Planeta.
  • Webinar | Webinar
    Achieving information integration in any field of science requires understanding the flow of data between production and use, and then engineering one or more solutions from the principles of information computer science and the available technologies. It also entails social engineering to ensure acceptance and sustain implementation.
  • Webinar | Webinar
    With biodiversity loss accelerating, we must find ways to better mainstream biodiversity into development decisions and conservation actions. Underpinning this is the need to produce relevant and trustworthy information on biodiversity status and trends and the mechanisms driving these trends.
  • | Webinar
    Biodiversity and ecosystems provide a wide range of contributions to health and well-being; however, these benefits are not routinely considered in health and development decision-making processes. Encouragingly, there are ample opportunities for collaboration between conservation and health communities to tackle shared drivers of biodiversity loss, ecosystem degradation, and ill health.
  • Webinar | Webinar
    The presentation will highlight the challenges and opportunities for enhancing the effectiveness of biodiversity mainstreaming and safeguarding through improved collection, sharing, and analysis of biodiversity information.