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Over One-Third of Species and Ecosystems in the United States are at Risk of Disappearing, a New Report by NatureServe Finds

During a time when species are going extinct faster than any period in human history, the survival of species and persistence of healthy ecosystems requires science-based decisions. A new analysis by NatureServe addresses five essential questions about biodiversity–the variety of life on Earth–that need to be answered if we are going to effectively conserve nature. In the first report of its kind, Biodiversity in Focus: United States Edition reveals an alarming conclusion: 34% of plants and 40% of animals are at risk of extinction, and 41% of ecosystems are at risk of range-wide collapse. The analyses presented in the report inform how to effectively and efficiently use our financial resources to make the best conservation decisions.

Read the full report below, or click the button below to view an interactive version of the report. Plus, check out this Reuter's Exclusive: Huge chunk of plants, animals in U.S. at risk of extinction.