The NatureServe Network

NatureServe is the hub of a large, impactful and consequential Network of over 100 governmental and non-governmental programs located in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Each day, Network Programs and their staff are working tirelessly to protect and conserve the plants, animals, and ecosystems in their jurisdictions.

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The Power of a Network

NatureServe Network Program - geographic reachExpertise
  • 1,000 conservation professionals with a wide-array of expertise, including ecologists, zoologists, botanists, data specialists, and much more.
  • Expertise in acquiring, managing and sharing knowledge; assessing status, risk and condition; planning, and measuring results.
Geographic Reach
  • Over 100 Network Programs located in the United States, Canada, and Latin America.
  • Vast geographic reach offers both local, regional, and global information.
  • Work within the Network is applied throughout the world to address global challenges.
  • Conservation projects or needs that cross jurisdictional lines or involve large landscapes can easily be covered by the Network.
  • Specific local needs can be met by individual Network Programs.
  • NatureServe can accommodate any project with our access to on-the-ground experts throughout the Network.
Data Collection
NatureServe Network staff learning NatureServe's core standards and methodologies, in the field.
  • Scientists from Network Programs are in-the-field assessing and collecting data on rare species and ecosystems.
  • Data collected through the Network is of the highest quality because the Network is trained using NatureServe’s rigorous core standards and methodologies.
  • Using NatureServe’s data management tool, Biotics, data that is collected throughout the Network is aggregated and compiled.
  • Data is managed and analyzed by NatureServe and shared throughout the Network and incorporated into products and services through easy-to-use tools and visualized.

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Benefits of Being in the Network

The NatureServe Network connects people and organizations that share a commitment to developing information about the Earth's plants, animals and ecosystems that can be used by all sectors of society - conservation groups, government agencies, corporations, academia, and the public - to make informed decisions about managing natural resources.

Join the NatureServe Network and enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Shared standards, methods, and biodiversity information
  • Methodology, tool, and leadership training
  • Network's annual conference
  • Collaborative operational and strategic planning
  • Efficiency through pooled resources
  • Access to technical expertise, tools, and innovations
  • Increased reach and influence
  • Collective intelligence
  • Collaborative proposals and projects
  • Enhanced credibility, work capacity, and conservation impact

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