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Vratika Chaudhary

Biodiversity Data Scientist

(703) 908-1800 ext. 8902

Vratika is a quantitative ecologist by training, with expertise in ecological modeling, species-habitat modeling, data analysis and visualization, and experience in structured decision making. Vratika earned her M.S. in Biological Science from Clemson University, SC, and her Ph.D. from the University of Florida. Her dissertation research focused on accounting for state uncertainty in ecological systems for which she did her field research in Northeast India. Vratika previously served as a postdoctoral scientist at Penn State University and Visiting Scientist at USGS Eastern Ecological Science Centre. In this role, Vratika engaged with diverse stakeholders from federal, state, and tribal governments, scientific experts, and non-profit organizations to frame their problems as decisions to help them select management alternatives under trade-off, risk, and uncertainty using decision-science tools. In her spare time, Vratika enjoys spending time hiking, visiting Florida springs, generating digital art, and learning about food history and science.