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2018 was a year of growth and change for NatureServe and the network. NatureServe welcomed a new CEO and Board Chair, as well as eight new member programs in the Latin America and Caribbean network. Regional heritage conferences across the U.S. strengthened communication and collaboration among network programs, including members from Canada. In addition to continuing the important work of collecting and sharing data on species and ecosystems, our scientists authored groundbreaking papers about biodiversity, harnessed and advanced new technologies, and created methods that make habitat monitoring easier and more accurate than ever before.

Every year, we highlight the amazing work of the NatureServe network in our annual reports. This year, we also wanted to highlight the at-risk species our network works so tirelessly to monitor and protect. Every state and provincial program in the U.S. and Canada selected a vertebrate animal species that is particularly threatened within its jurisdiction, whether by climate change, habitat loss and fragmentation, or other human activities. From this, we created an illustrated map of these species that calls attention not only to their diversity and their beauty, but also to the threats they face.

You can read our annual report and explore the map in detail by clicking the links below. You can also scroll further down to see some of the biggest stories from the report, and learn more about each of the animals on the illustrated map through the Species at Risk Spotlights below.