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2019 was an exciting year for NatureServe and the Network. From developing a series of innovative and dynamic maps, to forging partnerships with the some of the world's leading technology companies, and innovating software solutions, the NatureServe team has been hard at work to increase our capacity to provide the reliable biodiversity information our partners, governments, and concerned citizens depend on.

Last year, our Annual Report featured an illustrated map of at-risk vertebrate animals from across the United States and Canada. This year's report highlights vascular plants selected by the botanists of our Network in recognition that, while plants are the foundation of all life on Earth, they are less likely than animals to receive legal protection, and fewer resources are directed toward their conservation and recovery. Although the species illustrated on this map represent just a sliver of the many thousands of at-risk plants across the continent, these species highlight the taxonomic and visual diversity of the plant kingdom, as well as the comprehensive knowledge of the NatureServe Network about native biodiversity.

You can explore the map of at-risk plants for yourself, and read the full 2019 Annual Report, by clicking on the links below. 

Note: These are large files and may be slow to load.