1. NatureServe
    Chief Scientist
    (703) 908-1889

    Dr. Healy Hamilton is Chief Scientist at NatureServe, a western hemisphere biodiversity information network focused on management and conservation of at-risk species and ecosystems. She is a biodiversity scientist with graduate degrees from Yale and the University of California, Berkeley, and extensive field experience in the tropical forests of Latin America. At NatureServe, Dr. Hamilton leads a staff with expertise in ecology, zoology, botany, conservation, data science, and information management. Together they deliver foundational information on the distribution, conservation status and trends of species and their habitats. She is also a world expert on the taxonomy and evolution of seahorses and their relatives. Dr. Hamilton is an elected Executive Committee member of the IUCN U.S. National Committee, an Honorary Fellow of the World Conservation Monitoring Centre, a contributor to the IUCN Species Survival Commission for Seahorses and Pipefish, and a member of the Key Biodiversity Areas Committee. She is the recent past President of the Society for Conservation GIS, a Switzer Foundation Environmental Leadership fellow, and a former U.S. Fulbright Scholar.


Citizen Science

For decades, the NatureServe network has been collecting and managing reliable information about the status and trends of threatened biodiversity throughout the Western Hemisphere. All across the network, citizen scientists are increasingly involved in our efforts to understand how biodiversity is responding to the forces of global change.

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