Catalyzing Conservation Action in Latin America: Identifying Priority Sites and Best Management Alternatives in Five Globally Significant Ecoregions

The project provides to the international community a science-based selection of priorty conservation sites and their management alternatives, in five global priority ecoregions: the Biogeographic Choco (Panama, Colombia, Ecuador), the eastern slopes of the Andes in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, and the Dry Chaco (Paraguay and Bolivia). Among the results conducing to the site selection, 6,473 species of floraand fauna have been analyzed (each one with a geographic distribution map), and over 6,500 thematic maps have been produced, indicating vegetation types, centers of high diversity and endemism, current and potential threats, forest fragmentation, infrastructure, location of protected areas, among other important topics. The second phase of the project analyzes the environmental and socio-economic conditions of the selected sites and formulates alternative management proposals for decision-makers both at national and local levels.


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