Sumter National Forest Final Report

Pyne M

Due to this field work having been conducted so early in the life of the project, the classification could undoubtedly benefit from additional activity in this unit, both in regard to additional data collection, but also acquisition and analysis of existing data which has been collected since this earlier date. We hope that the issuance of this admittedly insufficient report will stimulate the need for additional vegetation survey work on this National Forest, which spans both the Piedmont and the Southern Blue Ridge ecoregions, and whose conservation is critical for maintaining the biodiversity of South Carolina.

NatureServe Author(s)


  • NatureServe. 2004. International Ecological Classification Standard: Terrestrial Ecological Classifications. Sumter National Forest Final Report. Arlington, VA and NatureServe Ecology South. Durham, NC. Data current as of April 30, 2004.